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I'm obsessed with Ronna And Beverly

You guys, YOU GUYS! I asked for some podcast suggestions a few months ago, one of my friends and another teacher with CardiotapNYC suggested Ronna and Beverly.

I am EMBARRASSED at how fast I plowed through all 100 something of their episodes. I laughed out LOUD on my many train rides and commutes through the day to auditions, classes, and work. I went Jogging, did work out videos, made dinner, ALL while listening to them! I also spent an irrational amount of time not sleeping and watching their videos on youtube.

Listening to them suddenly lit up a lightbulb in my brain, complete with sound effects including, *BOING ZOING, WACKAWACKA*. I've been chasing this dream of a shiny broadway career as long as I can remember. Now, I'm stuck in a miserable place about it. I don't think that dream will ever go away, but I needed a new destination for a little while. And that's when I realized.... WAIT, what I really want to do is sketch, and comedy with friends.

*Dreamy musical tones play as the story melts into a flashback, where I look totally skinny and hot, of course*

I had an audition that I really cared about. I told myself if I didn't get the job, I would take a sketch writing class. I should have perhaps done something simpler and said "If I don't get this show, I'll eat ALL the ice cream," But no, I had to go on and make a new move in life. It initially sounded wise, and inspired. As soon as I didn't get the show, I was filled with regret, and a strong desire to murder myself for being so damned productive.

(It should be noted that I ALSO ate ALL the ice cream, and perhaps ALL the alcohol, and perhaps watched ALL the episodes of 'The Americans')

So, I (regretfully) did it. I signed up for a sketch writing class at THE PIT. I was so nervous, I did Yoga.... just kidding I went to the Bar for happy hour by myself like a cool person. I regretted not bringing a flask from home. BYOF

Cut to class - I ended up having a great time! Our teacher is great, the people were great. Of course, I still hated myself and was convinced everyone hated me, but afterwards some of the girls approached me about a future collaboration. WHAT??!!!!

So, from now on I will go forth without hesitation or procrastination.

Just kidding, I've checked off about a million "to do's", INCLUDING writing this post, to avoid my first writing assignment. But I'm going to get right on it now, immediately...

oh... well, as soon as I check my email and Facebook at least 12 times, take a shower, pack for my day tomorrow, and learn a song or two for the sweethearts, watch some youtube videos.......

In all seriousness, Thank you Ronna and Beverly, you inspired me. (and make me laugh so hard I pee in my pants.)


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