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Introducing, America's Sweethearts!!

When The Manhattan Dolls packed up it's bags and moved to Arizona, I was beyond bummed. There was the practical part, It was a part time job, that felt like it introduced a somewhat stability and income in this crazy crafty life. A job I LOVED. I love the music of the 30's and 40's so much, and I found myself feeling like I was able to make someone happy when we performed for army veterans and heroes, and just people who lived during that era!

Most of all, I had finally found myself in a community of strong women, who are funny, fun, and LIFT EACH OTHER UP! It was a dream come true in this full of people, but isolating city for a woman in the performing arts.


My dear friend Carly Kincannon created a NEW group! America's Sweethearts! History through the decades. And now, our FIRST ever video montage of songs from the 20's - modern day!

I'm excited for the future of this group! We have some exciting things in store!

Till Next time....


#AmericasSweethearts #GirlGroup #Singing #Harmony #Trio #AndrewsSisters #Jazz #vintage

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