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New York

ONCE UPON A MATTRESS                       Lady Beatrice/ Lucille                The Transport Group, Off Broadway

Swing Style Trio Through The Decades      Alto                                            America's Sweethearts

Swing Style Vocal Trio (Andrews Sisters)    Alto                                            Manhattan Dolls

THE MUSIC MAN                                        Ensemble                                  The Transport Group, Benefit Concert
BABES IN TOYLAND!                                  Ragdoll                                      Little Orchestra Society, Lincoln Center


Regional Theatre

AVENUE Q                                                    Kate Monster/ Lucy                  Waterfront Playhouse

YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN                             Elizabeth Benning                    Waterfront Playhouse

DROWSY CHAPERONE                              Janet Van De Graff                   Waterfront Playhouse

NUNSENSE I & II                                          Sister Mary Amnesia                Bickford Theatre 
DIRTY ROTTEN SCOUNDRELS                  Christine Colegate                    Waterfront Playhouse
SINGIN' IN THE RAIN                                   Kathy Selden                            Cohoes Music Hall
MUSICAL OF MUSICALS: THE MUSICAL   June, Junita etc.                       Waterfront Playhouse
SISTERS OF SWING                                    Patty Andrews                          Broward Stage Door

SHE LOVES ME                                            Ilona Ritter                                Waterfront Playhouse

25th.. SPELLING BEE                                   Logainne Schwartzand....         Waterfront Playhouse




 Snapple - The Ventriloquist

Liberty  Mutual 


Training & Workshops

Improv Level 1-4 The P.I.T 

Sketch Comedy Writing Level 1-3 The P.I.T


TV/Commercial Comedy:

Theatre Musical Theatre Performance: Kimberly Vaughn, VP Boyle, Kathy Deitch,

Voice: Joy Hermalyn  Pop/Rock: Sheri Sanders

Dance: Tap, Theatre Dance, Jazz, Ballet - Broadway Dance Center, STEPS NYC

Education: BA & MA Speech Pathology, Minors: Theatre & Psychology (Kean Unviersity)




​Special Skills

Ventriloquism, Puppetry, Impersonations, Harmony, Dialects: Irish, Cockney, Standard British, Ukulele (basic), The Worm, Prat Falls.

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