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I'm Voicing Mom AND Tibby (The monkey!) in a new Educational kids cartoon Series. Tibby produced by Perpetuity Studios  

Watch The first Episode here! 

Liberty Mutual

Aunt Lil is ready for her Close up

More Commercials! 
Goodbye Quinn

Written by: Dana Burkey

Narrated by: Kristen Michelle

Quinn Murphy is invisible. Or at least that's how she feels most days as she walks the hallways of Glendale Middle School. But, when she gets the news that the end of the school year will also be the end of her time living in Chicago, Quinn knows it's time to make a change. Not wanting to be forgotten for good once she moves, Quinn decides to try some new things, get out of her comfort zone, and do anything she can to make an impact. Will it be enough to get her noticed, or will Quinn continue to fade into the background until she is gone for good? Find out now in this fun and imaginative coming of age read.

World Premiere of The New Musical, Prime Time! 


Written by: Blake Hunter

Composed by Charles Lindberg

Directed by Murphy Davis

Musical Direction: Debra Barsha

Choreography: Kyla Piscopink

TSKW Prime Time Production-4768.jpg

Brought to You By The Studios of Key West 

Young Frankenstein


Kristen Plays Elizabeth Benning in Young Frankenstein the Musical at the Waterfront Playhouse in Key West Florida

America's Sweethearts CD Release! 

Buy our CD!  History Through Harmony


America's Sweethearts. 

Performing in Various locations all over the country. From cabaret spaces like Green Room 42, to Air shows, small events celebrating veterans.  Follow @americas-sweetheartsnyc   

Avenue Q Returns! 

After a sold out run last year of Avenue Q at

The Waterfront Playhouse in Key West FL. We're back! 

Sneak peek of Fine Fine Line

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