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Photo Credit: Amanda Taraska Photography.

           Full Episodes! 



           Original Music: The MishMotts

                (Katie Mott & Kristen Michelle)

Prologue: Exposition and All That Jazz

Guest Star: Russell Fischer

Friendly Strangers: Jenna Marucci, Daniel Stanton, Ryan Lingle, Kyle Hewitt, JC Haro... and actual strangers...

Film Crew: Jennifer Eisenberg Katie Mott Michele Mossay


E.L.L: E1. "How to..."

Guest Star: Doug Shapiro

Special Guest Dancers: Kristin Feeney, Jeremy Bohmstein, Robert Bradshaw 

With special Sneak Peek Appearances By: 
Krystle Armstrong of CardioTapNYC , Dusty Ballard, Courtney Brown, Eileen Faxas, Andrew Hodge, Natalie Weiss 

Film Crew: Courtney Brown, Robert Bradshaw, Kyla Piscopink


E.L.L: E2. "How to Look Hot"

Guest Star: Dusty Ballard


E.L.L (3) "How to.... Headshots" 

​Guest Star - Amanda Taraska, Amanda Taraska Photography


E.L.L (4) "How To Act (Like The Professionals Do)

Guest Stars:

Robert Bradshaw of RGB Coaching Courtney Brown, Andrew Hodge & Eileen Faxas


E.L.L (5) "How to Riff... (Like Natalie Weiss)  

Guest Star: Natalie Weiss


E.L.L. (6) "The Voice Lesson"

Guest Star: Rachel F. Hirsch


E.L.L (7) "The Audition

Guest Stars: Nicole Wichinsky, Eileen Faxas, Katie Mott



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